This guitar has a combination of woods and acoustic characteristics:

The neck is made of Cedar and Poison Wood.

Truss rod double action.

Is a one pice guitar, the neck is a continuation of the body, so it has a lot of sustain, more than normal.

The fretboard is made from Ebony with a radio of 17 inch.

The dimensions for playability in the neck are a low profile neck inspired in Ibanes serie S neck, the frets are whide highhest stainless steel.

The scale is 24.75 inch.

The resonance body has in its top Walnut wood, and Cedar at his sides and back

The body has a carved space for the arm of the musician to be more comfortable.

The instrument has an extension for playing sitting playability.

The sound hole is at a side directed to the ear of the musician, so he can hear more clearly and strong.

The bridge is made of Catalox and the saddle is made from bone.

All the instrument in finished with a special oil for wood.

It has a high volume acoustic small box, because this instrument is a combination of different acoustic luthier techniques from Colombia, Guatemala, Spain, USA and India instruments.

Luthier Manuel Avila, Chelelongius, Guatemala Ene 2021.

PRICE $1100 (includes case)