The twin instruments of the yin and the yang, are a creation inspired by the forces of nature. These two fundamental forces of the living being are depicted with different names. In the Tao Te Ching are the Yin and the Yang, in the Vedas are Purusha and Prakruti and in the Hermética (Thot ancient egypt) are the femenin and the masculine, actually they have a lot more of names, because they describe eternity as a manifestación of the Supreme Lord.

The guitar and the bass, have the same single piece soul wood, hearth of the tree of tiger wood, a hard wood, meddle dense for maximum sustain, with the veins in vertical to achieve maximum efficiency, this wood represents the mind of the cosmos, created from the elements of fire and air. The fretboard in both instruments is also made out of tiguerwood, with a 17 inch radius, stainless steel jumbo frets and avalone and nacar dots, a two way truss rod, a D shaped low profile neck and bone nut.

The guitar, with a 25.5 inch scale is combined with Palo Blanco wood, a low weight hardwood, mid-bass acentuación sound, hipshot locking tuners, regarding pickups, SH1 in the neck, Red Lase Sensor in the middle, Sh4 in the bridge and ibeam piezo lr baggs under the hipshot tailpiece bridge. for the analog control we have a 5 way switch HSH, volume, tone push pull (serie/single coil both humbuckers), second switch HSH /HSH and PIEZO / PIEZO (volume in PIEZO).

Both instruments have life warranty and are finished in polyurethane matte finish, they come in a gentile double fiberglass case (capable to separate one from the other), they were born the 1st of November of 2020 and created by the Luthier Manuel Avila as two unique twin instruments.